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Prof Pankaj Jalote

Professor Software Engineering, Fault Tolerance, Distributed... View Profile

Prof Mayank Vatsa

Professor Biometrics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Inf... View Profile

Prof Richa Singh

Professor Biometrics, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition... View Profile

Prof Pushpendra Singh

Professor Mobile Systems and Applications, Middleware, ICT f... View Profile

Dr Vikram Goyal

Associate Professor Databases, Data Privacy and Security... View Profile

Dr Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

Associate Professor Cyber Crime, Cyber/Information Security, Privacy, ... View Profile

Dr Donghoon Chang

Associate Professor Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Cyber Security, Infor... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Raman

Associate Professor Algorithms, Graphs, Combinatorial Optimization... View Profile

Dr Rahul Purandare

Associate Professor Software Engineering, Program Analysis, Runtime Ve... View Profile

Dr Amarjeet Singh

Assistant Professor Mobile Sensing, Approximation Algorithms, Environm... View Profile

Dr Debajyoti Bera

Assistant Professor Quantum Computing, Complexity Theory, Algorithms, ... View Profile

Dr Saket Anand

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Image and Scene Understanding, Ro... View Profile

Dr Ojaswa Sharma

Assistant Professor Computer graphics, Computational Geometry, volume ... View Profile

Dr Sambuddho Chakravarty

Assistant Professor Network Anonymity and Privacy, Network Surveillanc... View Profile

Dr Arun Balaji Buduru

Assistant Professor Cyber Security, Reinforcement Learning and IoT... View Profile

Dr Vivek Kumar

Assistant Professor Parallel programming models and runtime systems... View Profile

Dr Mukulika Maity

Assistant Professor wireless networks and mobile computing... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Ratn Shah

Assistant Professor Multimedia, Natural Language Processing, Computer ... View Profile

Dr Tanmoy  Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Network Science, Data Mining and Data-driven Cyber... View Profile

Dr Piyus Kedia

Assistant Professor System security, safe languages, virtualization an... View Profile

Dr Syamantak Das

Assistant Professor Theoretical computer science and discrete optimiza... View Profile

Dr Vijaya Raghava Mutharaju

Assistant Professor Knowledge Graphs/Semantic Web, Ontology modeling a... View Profile

Dr Jainendra Shukla

Assistant Professor Human-Robot Interaction, Affective Computing and M... View Profile

Dr Subhabrata Samajder

Assistant Professor Symmetric-key Cryptanalysis, lattice-based cryptog... View Profile