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Dr Abhijit Mitra

Visiting Faculty Elastic Optical Networks, Passive Optical Networks... View Profile

Dr G S Visweswaran

Visiting Faculty CAD of VLSI, Design of Digital, Analog and Mixed S... View Profile

Sudhanshu Shekhar Jamuar

Visiting Faculty Analog and Digital Circuit Design, Instrumentation... View Profile

Dr Anubha Gupta

Professor Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Higher edu... View Profile

Dr Anand Srivastava

Professor OFDM based Optical Core and Access Networks, Long ... View Profile

Dr Tammam Tillo

Professor Convolutional Neural Networks in the Image Process... View Profile

Dr Ranjan Bose

Director and Professor Secure communications, coding theory, 5G security,... View Profile

Dr Sanjit Krishnan Kaul

Associate Professor Interests include Wireless Systems, Age-of-Informa... View Profile

Dr Mohammad S. Hashmi

Associate Professor RF Measurements, PA Design and Linearization, RF S... View Profile

Dr Sujay Deb

Associate Professor Multi-core processor architectures, Wireless netwo... View Profile

Dr Angshul Majumdar

Associate Professor Compressed Sensing, Low-rank matrix recovery, Magn... View Profile

Dr Vivek A Bohara

Associate Professor Device-to-device communication, Visible Light Comm... View Profile

Dr Sneh Saurabh

Associate Professor Nanoelectronics, Exploratory Electronic Devices, E... View Profile

Dr Pravesh Biyani

Associate Professor Optimization for signal processing and communicati... View Profile

Dr Shobha Sundar Ram

Associate Professor Radar \ Antennas... View Profile

Dr A V Subramanyam

Associate Professor Information Forensics and Security, Multimedia Sig... View Profile

Dr Anuj Grover

Associate Professor Ultra Low Power In-Memory Compute for edge computi... View Profile

Dr Sumit J. Darak

Associate Professor Intelligent, Reconfigurable and Self-sustainable w... View Profile

Dr Sanat K Biswas

Assistant Professor Space vehicle guidance, navigation and control, or... View Profile

Dr Sayan Basu Roy

Assistant Professor Adaptive control for uncertain switched systems, o... View Profile

Dr Gourab Ghatak

Assistant Professor Stochastic geometry, millimeter-wave communication... View Profile

Dr Ranjitha Prasad

Assistant Professor Causal Inference, Survival analysis, and sparsity ... View Profile

Dr Sayak Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor High-efficiency photovoltaics, Strong light-matter... View Profile

Dr Ram Krishna Ghosh

Assistant Professor Computational nanoelectronics, spintronics, quantu... View Profile