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Mr Manohar Khushalani

Visiting Faculty Former Director, Environment and Sociology, at the... View Profile

Mr Pankaj Vajpayee

Visiting Faculty Investment banking, portfolio investment advisory ... View Profile

Mr Anupam Saronwala

Visiting Faculty Charter Member of TiE and a member of Indian Angel... View Profile

Dr Amrit Srinivasan

Visiting Faculty The comparative study of knowledge and culture; vi... View Profile

Ms Shweta Singh

Visiting Faculty Theories of reasons in moral decision making, Inte... View Profile

Dr Payel C Mukherjee

Visiting Faculty Theories of Cosmopolitanism, Home, and History of ... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Arora

Assistant Professor Natural Resource and Agricultural Economics, Ecolo... View Profile

Dr Rakesh Chaturvedi

Assistant Professor Communication and Cooperation in Games, Political ... View Profile

Dr Venkata Ratnadeep Suri

Assistant Professor ICTs and Society, Information Literacy, Data Liter... View Profile

Dr Manohar Kumar

Assistant Professor Ethics of digital dissent, digital citizenship, wh... View Profile

Dr Kiriti Kanjilal

Assistant Professor Microeconomics, game theory, industrial organizati... View Profile

Dr Aasim Khan

Assistant Professor Social scientist with an interest in theories of t... View Profile

Dr Paro Mishra

Assistant Professor Demographic Anthropology, Family and Kinship, Tran... View Profile

Dr Sonia Baloni Ray

Assistant Professor Role of attention in visual processing, studying m... View Profile

Dr Gayatri Nair

Assistant Professor Urban informal labour and livelihood patterns with... View Profile

Dr Mrinmoy Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor Affective Cognitive Neuroscience, Visual-Spatial C... View Profile

Dr Nishad Patnaik

Assistant Professor Kantian transcendental Idealism, Husserlian phenom... View Profile

Dr Praveen Priyadarshi

Assistant Professor Distinctiveness of everyday political practices in... View Profile

Dr Shireen Mirza

Assistant Professor Waste, Anthropocene; Climate Change; Sociology of ... View Profile

Dr Smriti Singh

Assistant Professor Social Media, IT and Urban Middle Class, Virtual C... View Profile

Dr Souvik Dutta

Assistant Professor Political economy, microfinance and economics of d... View Profile